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Doug Glener
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Doug Glener — Profile

I've had the priviledge to write for some of America’s most prestigious companies and famous individuals: Harvard Business School, Michael Jackson, First Lady Hillary Clinton, FAO Schwartz/Rupert Grint/Harry Potter, The United Way, Habitat for Humanity, The Holocaust Museum, and on and on.

I’m also the co-author of Wisdom’s Blossoms: Tales of the Saints of India (Shambhala, November 2002, and the author of The Reluctant Knight (Paladin Publishing, October 2012). Throw in dozens of articles for trade magazines, direct mail for national nonprofits, an in-flight 30-minute show for United Airlines, and the speechwriter for the crowned Miss Universe for five years.

I hold a black belt in Aikido; sat on the board of directors for the Dharma Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to "uniting the best of East and West"; and was a community advisor to the Brookline Arts Center before moving to California.

I graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in English (honors). After graduation, I spent the first few years working as a professional musician (my band appeared on Star Search).

Select Projects - Ads and Social Media

The Ken Blanchard Companies

This ad for The Ken Blanchard Companies appeared on LinkedIn. The purpose was to drive traffic to a white paper I wrote…which was meant to entice sales executives to make a purchase.

Organics Unlimited

Organics Unlimited sought to differentiate itself from competitors and reach upscale grocery shoppers who cared about worker rights. This ad told that story.

Gemological Institute Of America

This ad for GIA ran on several social media platforms. Its goal: to increase brand awareness of GIA’s grading services and the number of gems submitted to its labs.

Nano Greens

Nano Greens wanted to tell customers its product was safe, healthy, and effective. This ad did the heavy lifting.

Select Projects - Articles

Chief Learning Officer

Here's an article I wrote about the pandemic’s lasting effect on leadership. A breezy read on a deep subject.

Gemological Institute Of America

GIA wanted to attract students to its jewelry school. Downton Abbey was one of the most popular TV shows. Why not combine the two, and in the process, position GIA as great place to study the art? I handled everything on this one: from contacting the designer to completing the high-profile piece.

Select Projects - Direct Mail

The National Anti-Vivisection Society

The stats say everything you need to know about this letter. It pulled so well, the National Anti-Vivisection Society (the country’s oldest animal rights group) has used it several times with different lists.    

“We dropped 300,000 pieces of direct mail last year in March.  You did not write the creative piece.  We dropped 200,000 pieces in December of last year.  You did write the piece.

While the money is still coming in from the piece you wrote, I can tell you that the response rate has gone from 1.3% (the March '08 piece) to 2.6% (the piece you wrote).  Not bad!  Your efforts helped to DOUBLE OUR RESPONSE RATE. We have already made more money off the piece you wrote (200,000 pieces) vs. the 300,000-piece mailing.  Income was up almost 20% even though we mailed 100,000 fewer pieces.  I'm stickin' with you!”

Double H Ranch

Double H Ranch gives children with life-threatening illnesses a free camping experience where they can live their dreams. I had the privilege of writing copy for this wonderful organization.

Air Force Enlisted Village

The Air Force Enlisted Village provides housing to indigent widows whose spouses have passed. Instead of raising money to pay for operating expenses, I interviewed and profiled one of the residents. This was so successful that I did it for years.

Select Projects - Press Releases

Harry Potter and FAO Schwarz New York, NY

Harry Potter was one the hottest entertainment properties of the early 2000s. FAO Schwarz is the flagship toy store in the country. Both entities had enough confidence in me to write a release announcing Rupert Grint's (Ron Weasely) visit.


The world's oldest perfume house wanted a B2B press release. I thought of a creative approach for a B2C press release that generated international press.

Select Projects - Speeches

Mpoole Kwelagoble Miss Universe 1999

This speech was given to the U.S. House of Representatives Banking Committee to lobby for the creation of a $2 billion AIDS prevention trust fund.

Hillary Clinton

Three committees reviewed this speech for then First Lady Hillary Clinton. Not one word was changed.

Select Projects - Video

Norwegian Tourist Bureau

Norway is a land of spectacular beauty. Here is a video I wrote for the Norwegian Tourist Bureau about the country's natural wonders.

Sony Electronics

Here's a branding piece for Sony Electronics, its high-definition televisions and other products.

Select Projects - Poetic Prose to Just the Facts

Poetic Prose

GIA created an annual high-end calendar for VIPs. My task was to describe one-of-a-kind jewelry creations in lush language.

Insightful Analysis

I wrote dozens of 70+ page marketing reports on healthcare, lifestyles, consumer packaged goods and more for Mintel. They'd give me a stack of data and some articles. I'd have to discover important trends in the market, identify key cohorts, and provide actionable insights marketers could use.

Other Select Projects

Harvard Business School

Writing a web site (Sample Copy #1, #2, #3) for as prestigious a school as Harvard presented numerous challenges: honoring a storied tradition while creating a new identity, explaining the sheer breadth of the school's offerings, capturing the spirit of the academic experience and the city of Cambridge, and on and on.


As New England's largest placement service for writers and other communication professionals, nSight knows hundreds of copywriters. The company chose me to write its web site and brochure.


Wisdom's Blossoms: Tales of the Saints of India

Here is a timeless collection of traditional stories that recount the personal spiritual journeys and true acts of selflessness by saints from various religious traditions indigenous to India, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Sufism. The authors present a diverse selection of these inspirational tales—about both men and women saints, from a variety of time periods, and from all over India—and make them relevant for a modern audience. The stories reveal that, despite their perceived differences, the same spiritual principles underlie all the great religious traditions.

The Reluctant Knight

Percival Adler always dreamed of going on a quest-until he stumbled into a real one. Now he's found himself entangled in an adventure with a Mongol warlord, an insane pharaoh, and the greatest samurai of 19th-century Japan. The cast of characters takes to Manhattan in search of a legendary relic that gives its wielder unimaginable power. Inside: lost civilizations, time-traveling warriors, suspicious parents, barbarous hordes, and one unforgettable ride.


I wanted to thank you for the effort and flexibility you demonstrated...The challenges associated with this project were many, not the least being the short time frame and the need to coordinate with more than 20 managers spread across the country...You never lost sight of our objectives and remained responsive, flexile, and willing to do whatever was humanly possible to accomplish our goals.

— Fred Robbins Director region/patient marketing, Bristol-Myers Squibb

I have had the privilege to work with Doug on a number of projects, and his skill in both the art and craft of writing is exemplary. I have been especially impressed by the speed with which he can craft and redraft a communication piece. But more than that, Doug is a great listener and team member. His ego never gets in the way of finding a collaborative solution.

— Wayne Ogle Director of Client Solutions, The Ken Blanchard Companies

Much of our work is outsourced—but only to those individuals…who provide a quality written product and who work to ensure good relationships with Hartsook’s clients. Doug Glener has been a blessing in times of deadline and crisis. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great freelance writer!

— Annette Lough Senior Vice President for Marketing and Client Services, Hartsook Companies

Just got this… WOW! This is an incredible job!!! You did a FANTASTIC job on this! This was so well written… I love working with you since you’re so great at what you do. Thank you again for your help! And you bet that I will be sure to call you before anyone else when I have a writing need!!!

— Marina M. Hoffmann SVP, Managing Dir., Chief of Staff, Rubenstein Public Relations, New York

We feel very lucky to have found Doug. He is truly a joy to work with, his business ethic is superior, and he is able to take complicated information and transform it into collateral that is clear and easily understood by all…we could not be more pleased.

— Amanda Linkul Marketing Manager, BioPharma Scientific

Outstanding. I can't think of a better writer than Doug Glener. He delivers on-target materials on time (if not early) and with great enthusiasm. Doug is a pleasure to work with; he is incredibly warm, yet exceedingly professional. I cannot imagine working without him.

— Marilyn Gerber Vice President/Editorial Director, Rubenstein Public Relations, New York

Doug Glener is a profoundly effective writer. He's professional in his interactions, vocal with his thoughtful feedback, and artful in his prose. Working with Doug ensures that your marketing messages will be relevant and meaningful to your target audience.

— Jay Campbell Vice-President, Product Development — Monitor Software, a member of Monitor Group.

Doug is the go-to guy for writing. He puts the magic into the words and turns it around on a dime. My clients even have remarked his articles are 'awesome' and 'fantastic'. He also understands the PR role and provides great insight and suggestions, making us PR pros look like stars to our clients.

— Michele Moninger Baker President — Mambo Communications.

Doug is a real asset to our team. He has the unique ability to take a very complex subject matter and present it in simple and compelling terms that customers can understand.

— Vicky Frietas President — MarketSphere Communications.

Doug is the best writer I've ever worked with. We've collaborated on many Web, print, and email marketing projects over the years...his ability to quickly zero in on the essence of a project no matter its topic and craft a compelling message is second to none.

— Dan Cote Director of Marketing — nSight.

Doug is far more than a writer. He is a partner. When we were in the early stages of developing our newsletter, Doug did not just write and edit the text, he helped create the concept and came up with the name "Inspirations," which is perfect for our message. We have received raves on 'Inspirations' from our contributors. We could not hope for more. Thanks, Doug.

— Kay J. Wight Executive Vice President — G&P Foundation for Cancer Research.

Doug Glener is an incredible speech writer. He has written numerous speeches that our titleholders have presented to audiences that have had attendees who have ranged from presidents of various countries to underprivileged children — and all the listeners have had the same positive, heartfelt reactions.

— Roston Ogata Manager, Talent Development — Miss Universe Organization.

What can I say? First, thank you and then WOW! I cannot tell you how impressive it was to see Denise (Denise M. Quiñones, Miss Universe 2001) in action on behalf of AIDS: ACT NOW! Her speech was superb! She was right on target about the message and integrated the numbers beautifully. I wish her speech had been videotaped so we could use it in our work with other celebrities! Great work! You wrote wonders!

— Alicia Diaz HMA Associates.

You have a knack for capturing our requirements the first time around and delivering outstanding results! We have never come across someone with your unique skill-set before. Your creativity, experience, and unfailing work ethic have helped us create some of our most successful campaigns. At BookingPlus, you are not just a vendor, but an integral part of our marketing team.

— Robert Volpe Director of Client Services — BookingPlus.

I've worked with Doug for the past few years, and would like to let you know what a joy it is to work with him. Doug really 'gets it'. He listens to what we have to say, interprets it very well, and most importantly puts up with an incredible amount of revisions. He is a very patient guy! It seems like clients are always complaining about things, so I just wanted you to know I'm a client that really likes her writer.

— Clare Haggarty Director of Programs/Communications — National Anti-Vivisection Society.